Fishing Trips

We can customize any trip specifically for your needs. Whether you’re a first timer that needs some guidance or an experienced angler we have many options for you to choose from.

HALF DAY: 4-6 Hour Fishing Trips

Our half-day fishing trips are great for first timers, families and kids.

With these trips we can show you a great fishing experience without breaking the bank or taking up the whole day. These trips consist of bottom fishing for all of our reef species such as Red snappers, Vermillion Snappers, White snappers, Black snappers and Triggerfish. Also, we have the option to do some near-shore trolling for King mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Mahi Mahi, bonito, and sometimes seasonal Sailfish or Black fin tuna. These trips usually have lots of action and are great for kids.



off shore fishing trip

ALL DAY: 8-12 Hour Fishing Trips

These trips are for crews that have fished some shorter trips previously and want to test their skills on some bigger fish. While we still target some of the same fish as we do on the shorter trips, we also like to add in fishing for trophy Amberjacks, Gag Groupers, Scamps, and Wahoo. If you have never hooked into a monster Amberjack and felt the muscles in your arm burn or fried up some delicious fish like a scamp or gag grouper you really need to try it. We are usually backed in at the dock and hanging up fish right around dinner.

EXTENDED ALL DAY Bottom Fishing And/Or Trolling Trips: 14-16 HRS

This is a hardcore offshore bottom fishing trip. No whining or complaining about your arm hurting on these trips. This isn’t for the “faint of heart”. We will be offshore bottom fishing in very deep water. We will be catching a lot of the species listed above as well as mixing in some deep-water electric reel fishing for Snowy Grouper, Yellow-Edge Grouper, Scamp, and Tilefish as well. We leave before daylight and will not get back till after dark.


For the ULTIMATE SPORTSMAN’S fishing, ask about our 2-day offshore trip. We can customize your trip to accommodate any species you would like to target. Our most common over-night trips consists of:

  • Nighttime or daytime sword fishing
  • Tuna fishing around rigs
  • Deep dropping with electric reels for deep-water Groupers, Amberjacks and Snappers. (Allowed a 2 day bag limit)
  • Offshore trolling for Blue Marlins, White Marlins, Wahoos, Dolphins (Mahi-Mahi), and Tunas!

Be sure to call ahead to reserve!





Everyone has a dream of catching a big shark! Let the Charter Boat Backlash be the one to make that dream come true. We offer daytime and night time shark fishing trips. These trips are a minimum of 4 hours but you are more then welcome to book for as long as you would like. The Emerald Coast is a breeding and feeding ground to thousands of sharks every year. The most common sharks caught are bull sharks, black tips, spinners, hammerheads, and tiger sharks. The occasional, seasonal Mako can be caught as well. This is a trip for ALL ages. Call now for availability!

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